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OCD – Over Compulsive Disorder Till Death Do Us Part

To lose a loved one is heartbreaking, to see some one you love in pain is heartbreaking, to leave your child on their first day of school is heartbreaking. All these sad events can be removed from our thoughts if nurtured tenderly and tactfully. But what of over compulsive disorder a disease you can not negotiate with thus causing the patient to suffer from heartbreaking symptoms till death do us part. In some unfortunate cases parting of the ways was by death. (Suicide) Over compulsive disorder can […]

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OCD Extreme Rites of Anxiety

While believing that a lucky dress will give you the confidence to make a good impression during a job interview would seem like a harmless superstition, the same is true with the ritual of most mothers who makes it a point to always check and re-check if the flat iron had been unplugged or the oven was properly turned off before leaving the house. Many of us have little superstitions and rituals which help us become productive and produce positive results. However, when these rituals are taken […]

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Lose The Shoes OCD Victim

How does a victim of OCD welcome a visitor at the door, is it with a welcoming handshake and a smile, I don’t think so a fixed stare to the feet more like…What right have guests to come visiting wearing shoes? Shoes never came alone always on tow with a human. These humans have the audacity to bring along a few friends evil predators that can destroy an OCD sufferer mentally. Those so called friends come in the form of chewing gum, mud dirt tar. Bare foot […]

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