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What Everyone Ought To Know About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD

Do you always wash your hand after shaking hands with someone? Do you at least change clothes at least 10 times before you leave for work? Do you go to the doctor for a check up once a week? You’d better be careful if your answers to my above questions are YES. Have you ever heard about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? If you don’t, read the details below. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental disease that triggers people to have unnecessary thoughts (obsessions) and to duplicate […]

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Over Compulsive Disorder OCD – A Bit of the Other

What gives a person suffering from over compulsive disorder (OCD) the right to chastise others e.g. children/husband and wife’s on their behaviour when we as a patient have no control over our own. Other peoples habits are very similar to that of what we do ourselves, antics may include irritating and annoying stunts. What is the difference between over compulsive disorder actions to that of what others do, fortunately for the others they gain control to stop what it is they do, as for the OCD patient […]

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OCD Dont Look Back in anger

How is it that an OCD sufferer can never leave a room or walk through a door without looking back? Why do we fight the urge to look back? Well let me tell you? It is because we find ourselves going back to fluff up the cushions, god only knows how many times the doors are checked to see if they are locked before retiring to bed, that trickle of glistening water on the draining board needs to be wiped. No matter how tired we are someone […]

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